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Chester Metcalfe and Co is an exclusively criminal law firm located in West Heidelberg.
The firm provides legal advice and representation for summary and indictable
matters held throughout Victoria. We deal with all offences, ranging from traffic offences
to murder charges. Chester Metcalfe is an accredited criminal law specialist with over
27 years experience. We provide a wide range of legal services and have vast
knowledge of all jurisdictions, including the Magistrates', County, Supreme,
Childrens and Appeals courts.

Legal Aid is available from this firm.

About Our Firm

Established in 1985, Chester Metcalfe & Co has continued to grow and is today
one of the most well regarded criminal law practices in the Northern Suburbs.
The solicitors at Chester Metcalfe & Co are committed to ensuring that you receive
the best possible outcome on your day in court, and we continue to uphold a
professional relationship with many of Victoria's top barristers to ensure this is
always the case. Chester Metcalfe and his team are happy to assist you with
any questions or concerns you may have leading up to and during your case,

so if you have any inquiries please contact us.

About Chester Metcalfe

Chester Metcalfe is the principal of this firm. Chester has been practising criminal law
in West Heidelberg since 1981,and has over 27 years experience in this field.
In 1995 he became an accredited Criminal Law specialist of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Chester is also an active member of the Law Institute of Victoria's Criminal Law advisory
committee and has been so for over 5 years. As well as being highly involved with these causes
he attends the Magistrates, County and Children's courts on a daily basis, for a range of
different matters. He has appeared as council in numerous proceedings, including Supreme Court
Appeals, County Court trials, County Court appeals and all Magistrates Court Proceedings.

What is Specialisation?

Accredited specialists are solicitors who are recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria
as having expertise in a particular area of law. Only the best lawyers in their field of
expertise become a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist. To obtain this
specialisation, solicitors have to pass a written and oral exam, as well as prove to
their peers that they excel in a particular area of practice.

Chester Metalfe is one such solicitor with the above accreditions.
If you would like to know more about specialisation, click here

Contact Chester Metcalfe & Co

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First floor, 16 The Mall,
Heidelberg West
Victoria, 3081

Office: 03-9457-3105
Mobile: +61-408-327-337 ( in emergency after hours )

Our Areas of Law
  • We cover Appeals:
  • - To the County Court
  • - Supreme Court
  • - Court of Appeal
  • Assault:
  • - With Weapon
  • - Resist Arrest
  • Breach of CBO
  • Breach of IVO
  • Bail Applications
  • Driving/ Traffic Offences:
  • - Speeding
  • - Driving Unlicensed
  • - Drive Whilst Disqualified
  • - Drink Driving
  • Drug Offences:
  • - Cultivation
  • - Possession
  • - Trafficking
  • Homicide:
  • - Including Murder
  • - Manslaughter
  • Pleas
  • Sexual Offences:
  • - Includes Rape
  • - Indecent Act
  • - Sexual Penetration
  • Theft:
  • - Includes Burglary
  • - Armed Robbery
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